Tepera hearing aid

Tepera hearing aid is an advanced program that helps you hear better. The kit is a combination of performance, convenience, and affordability all in one simple product. The hearing air is high- quality.

Tepera kit features a really innovative element- a charging dock so you don’t have to change batteries again. You just place your hearing aid into the charging dock at night when you go to bed and it will automatically charge for the next day.

Tepera hearing aid is programmed to amplify the sounds. It has four preset amplification programs from which you can choose and adjust to suit your environment.

How to change the default programs?

Tepera hearing aid is really use to use. You can change between the amplification programs with a simple button. Simply press the program button to switch between the programs.

The programs

Program 1

This program is for quiet environments such as your home or offices.

Program 2

This is suitable for louder, more social environments like restaurants.

Program 3

This is great for when watching TV.

Program 4

This program is for when you are outdoors.

Other features

Compact design

Tepera is designed to fit your needs and to help make your life better. It is really small and compact and offers crystal clear powers. It is really comfortable to wear, even with eyeglasses.

The kit

Tepera kit includes everything you need - the hearing aid, ear tubes for both ears, 3 different size ear plugs for more comfort, a rechargeable battery, USB charging dock, and a wall charging adapter.

About our product

  • Hearing aid

  • Advanced kit

  • High- quality

  • Easily adjust volume with just one finger

  • Crystal clear sound

  • Warranty - 12 months

Price: €30.99

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